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Wenzhou Stainless Steel Industry

[Jan 28,2019]

Wenzhou’s stainless steel industry is a new industry. It originated in the early 1980s. After 20 years of development and exploration, it has become well-known and influential in the domestic market.

At present, there are more than 130 production enterprises with good development and expansion. There are 38 perforating equipments in the whole industry. There are more than 500 cold rolling and cold drawing equipments and 6 smelting equipments, all of which are refined outside the furnace. Other equipments are relatively complete. The production capacity and scale of enterprises are constantly expanding and enhancing. In 2001, there were 5 enterprises with an output value exceeding 100 million yuan, and more than 10 enterprises were rated as city and district star enterprises. In order to ensure product quality, analytical equipment such as water pressure, eddy current and ultrasonic flaw detection, and direct reading spectrometer are constantly increasing and perfecting. In 2001, it was sampled and tested by the superior technical supervision department, and the pass rate was over 80%. With more than 300 technical and management personnel with various high and middle-level titles, the company has gradually embarked on the track of standardized production and management. Wenzhou stainless steel industry mainly produces stainless steel pipes and stainless steel rods, with more than 400 varieties, specifications and models. In 2001, stainless steel sales reached 1.715 billion yuan and the output reached 106,000 tons. The stainless steel rod is 222 million yuan, the output is 21.1 million tons, and the national tax paid is more than 100 million yuan. The export volume of steel pipes has also increased year by year. In 2001, it was 5000T. It is estimated that the export volume will be 8,000~10000T this year. Ten companies have obtained self-support import and export rights. Stainless steel tubes are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Southeast Asia and the European Union, and are highly appreciated by foreign merchants and users.

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